Our Philosophy

The PIPFPD believes that common people in both our countries including  rights activists, business people, trade unionist, environmentalists, women’s movements, artists, writers, social workers, professionals, academicians, students, scientists and mass movements  need to join hands in a concerted attempt to continue to persuade our respective governments to enter into meaningful negotiations and adopt policies that will strengthen democracy, reduce tensions and pave the way for lasting peace and friendship in the sub-continent.

1994 - 2021

Our History

PIPFPD has been a pioneering peoples’ platform that has consistently impacted the political and people-to-people relations between India and Pakistan since the early 1990s. The initiative towards formation of PIPFPD as a membership-based organization was taken in late 1993 and the first joint declaration was announced on September 4, 1994 at Lahore. The objective of this initiative was …

The forum collectively works on

five major issues

  • War, de-militarisation, peace and peace dividends.

  • Democratic solution to Kashmir problem.

  • Democratic Governance.

  • Religious intolerance in India and Pakistan.

  • Globalisation and Regional Cooperation.

Memorandum of Association

The National Committee

Membership Processes

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